March 14, 2015 − The Life of the Buddha taught by Diana Clark

Saturday, Mar. 14, 2015
9:00am – 4:30pm
at the Insight Meditation Center
108 Birch St.
Redwood City, CA

Was the Buddha really a prince before he became Awakened? What was his life like before and after his awakening? What happened to his wife and son he is reported to have left behind for his spiritual quest? Please join us as we explore the answers to these questions and more during this day of lecture and discussion. Together, we will examine the narrative of the Buddha’s life in the early Buddhist texts and later commentarial and modern works. We will discuss how we can use the model of the Buddha’s life to guide and perhaps inspire us in our own practice.

Diana Clark has a MA in Buddhist Studies from the Graduate Theological Seminary, is a graduate of the Sati Center chaplaincy program and has spent cumulatively over a year in silent meditation retreats. She also co-teaches with Gil Fronsdal on the early Buddhist texts at the Institute of Buddhist Studies. As a long time practitioner at IMC she is participating in the IMC Dharma Mentoring Training Program.

This class is offered on a donation basis. Pre-registration not required. Please bring a bag lunch.

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