Looking forward to 2023

For 25 years, Sati Center quietly offered courses, classes, and daylong Dharma study workshops. Confident of the growing interest in Dharma study, especially focused on the intersection of study and practice, we decided this year to take a great leap forward in growing Sati Center. To help with this, Rob Hammond stepped in to be our first managing director.

With this change, 2022 has been a transformative year with many new courses from teachers such as Ajahn Sujato, Bhikkhunī Dhammadinnā, Bob Stahl, Diana Clark, Kim Allen, Leigh Brasington, Matthew Brensilver, Santikaro, and many others. With our multi-year course on the Middle Length Discourses, we are launched in a long-term dive into the earliest Buddhist teachings and with the 20th year-long Buddhist Chaplaincy Program and the 3rd year-long Buddhist Eco-Chaplaincy program, we have opened new pathways in study, practice, and compassionate care.

Our online offerings benefit a large number of people across the country and the world. The maturity and generosity of so many people have contributed to Sati Center being a vibrant and multifaceted Dharma center.

As we prepare for 2023, we look forward to continuing to provide new teachings and programs. We invite your support in continuing the growth and success of the Sati Center.

We thank you for your participation and financial support which makes Sati Center possible.

With deep bows,
Rob Hammond, Diana Clark, Gil Fronsdal, Steve Gasner,
Diane Wilde and Ying Chen
The Sati Center leadership team


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