Buddhist Chaplaincy Writings

… towards a fuller understanding of the uniqueness of Buddhist chaplaincy in both theory and action
… as inspiration for our individual and shared intentions
… expressing the strength and diversity of the field of Buddhist chaplaincy
… by Buddhist Chaplaincy students

My Chaplaincy Journey by Eileen Messina

Being Buddhist, Being Human by Kim Allen

Death Row Butterfly by Susan Shannon

An Action Reflection Paper About Journeys by Kim Allen

An Action Reflection Paper On The Practice of Meeting by Max Swanger

An Action Reflection Paper About A Patient Visit by Ying Chen

An Action Reflection Paper About A Field Trip to St. Anthony’s Dining Room by Navnit Bhalla

An Action Reflection Paper About Generosity Towards Others by Linda Atkins

An Action Reflection Paper Of A Hospice Vigil by Kim Grose Moore

An Action Reflection Paper About Sharing the Dharma with a Hospital Patient by Navnit Bhalla

A Dharma Reflection On The Story ‘Angulimala’ by Grace Burford

Another Dharma Reflection On The Story ‘Angulimala’ by Kido Jimmyle Listenbee

A Dharma Reflection on the story ‘Our Precious Life’ by Kim Grose Moore

Dharma Reflection on the story ‘The Blind Men and the Elephant’ by Dawn Neal

Authenticity And Interfaith Prayer by Ruby Grad

A Helping Incident by Linda Atkins

A Theology Of Faith In Pastoral Care by Marta Dabis

Applied Dharmology by Linda Atkins

Integrating Spiritual Care in the Inpatient Psychiatric Care Environment by Helen Hobart


… with gratitude to these authors for their generosity.

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