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Working with the Three Unwholesome Roots: A Practical Approach with Bhikkhunī Dhammadinnā

Saturday, August 17 @ 9:00 am - 12:00 pm US Pacific Time

Online via Zoom

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During this session Bhikkhunī Dhammadinnā offers a practical approach to working with the three unwholesome roots (known as akusala-mūla in Pāli and akuśala-mūla in Sanskrit): namely, greed or lust, aversion or anger, and delusion. This approach is rooted in the early Buddhist teachings. Together, we will explore meditative and daily life resources aimed at cultivating mindful awareness of how these three roots contribute to the distorted construction of experience, both internally and externally, constricting the heart-mind. This recognition lays the foundation for the progressive path towards freedom from them.

About the Instructor:
Bhikkhunī Dhammadinnā is a scholar-monastic and practitioner, born in Italy in 1980. She is the director of the Āgama Research Group and her main research interests are the early Buddhist discourses and Vinaya texts, as well as the development of the theories, practices and ideologies of Buddhist meditative traditions (for her publications, see here). Bhikkhunī Dhammadinnā has been practicing meditation since 1996 and has been studying and collaborating with Bhikkhu Anālayo since 2007.


Saturday, August 17
9:00 am - 12:00 pm PDT


Sati Center


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