The Way to the Far Shore Pārāyanavagga: Sutta Nipāta Book Five with Leigh Brasington


Register This program will take an in-depth look at the 16 suttas found in Sutta Nipāta Book V. Many scholars believe these discourses were composed early in the development of Buddhism, prior to the inevitable institutionalization of the tradition. These suttas are presented as conversations in which the Buddha addresses questions posed by learned brahmins, […]

To Be More Free, Reflect on Your Finitude (Maranasati) with Nikki Mirghafori


We tend to feel happier and more free when we turn our minds towards gratitude, generosity, and goodwill, and away from entitlement, greed, and hatred. But how can we go about reorienting ourselves? Perhaps surprisingly, one classical Buddhist training to cultivate these beneficial qualities of mind is to reflect on our death. This is not […]

Joy as Path: Pāmojja and Transcendent Dependent Origination”: A Morning of Practice with Ajahn Kovilo

Insight Meditation Center 108 Birch St., Redwood City, CA, United States

Though the Buddha repeatedly emphasized a sense of well-being, or pāmojja, as an essential aspect of the path to awakening, many of us find our sitting practice anything but. The narrow techniques often taught in meditation circles conceive of practice as a dry exercise that fails to interest and calm the active minds of modern […]

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