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– 2024-25 Applications are currently being accepted –

The Buddhist Chaplaincy Training is designed for people who have a committed and ongoing involvement with Buddhist practice, teachings, and way of life.  This training is designed for and welcoming to a diverse population.  With the intention to dissolve all barriers that perpetuate the suffering of separation, prejudice, and discrimination, we are dedicated to the inclusion of all races, classes, sexual orientations, gender identities, ages, disabilities, cultures, ethnicities, and other social identities.


  • Regular and committed Buddhist practice and study for at least four years (or previous chaplaincy training)
  • Three Buddhist retreats of at least one week or the equivalent combo

Application Components

There are 3 components to the application:
1) a written application,
2) a recommendation letter
3) an application fee.

Details and links are below.  We will not process your application until all three components are received.  Completed applications are processed in the order they are received. Once we have received and reviewed all three components of your application, we will contact you by email to arrange a mutually convenient interview by Zoom.

  1. A written application, including your name, contact info, and a series of questions to answer in a reflective manner.  These questions are based on the core concepts and practices of our curriculum.  By paying careful attention to your reactions and responses to the questions, and what it is like for you to write about yourself, you will get an idea of what it is like to participate in the training.  Note: We only accept applications via the forms in the following links:
    Application for In-Person Participation
    Application for Online Participation
  2. A letter of recommendation from a Buddhist teacher or mentor is required. Please send the link below to the person whom you have chose to recommend you:
    Letter of Recommendation for In-Person Applicants
    Letter of Recommendation for Online Applicants
  3. A $100.00 application fee, payable by PayPal or credit card:  CLICK HERE and add a note specifying ‘In-Person’ OR ‘Online Buddhist Chaplaincy Training: Application Fee’. Note: a 3% surcharge is incurred by Sati Center for PayPal and credit cards. Please consider adding this amount to your payment.

*Since the application form is extensive and cannot be partially saved, we recommend drafting your answers first in a Word document or equivalent. For a PDF preview of the questions, click on the relevant link below.
In-Person Training Application Form PDF
Online Training Application Form PDF

We will process your application once the three components above are received and your application is complete.  Completed applications are processed in the order they are received. Once we have reviewed all three components of your application, we will contact you by email, hopefully to schedule a mutually convenient interview by Zoom.

Applications open at the beginning of May 2024. They will close once all places are filled, which is 21 people each for the in-person training and 21 people in the on-line training. This will be announced on this space in the website. For more information about application closing, please contact us directly at bct@sati.org

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