Statement of Diversity and Inclusion

It is our sincere intention that faculty and participants in the Sati Center’s Introduction to Buddhist Chaplaincy Training all contribute to co-creating a welcoming, inclusive, and supportive environment in which to learn.
We acknowledge that in our culture not all populations share the same levels of privilege, access, opportunity, and visibility, whether this is due to age, gender, race, sexual orientation, ethnicity, economic class, religious affiliation or physical ability. We take seriously the importance of attending with care to this imbalance.
An integral part of the ongoing inner and outer work of a chaplain is addressing the ways in which difference can lead to the harm of discrimination and oppression. In teaching and learning chaplaincy, we are committing to discover, connect, and uphold our shared humanity.
As the faculty of the Sati Center, we are dedicated to a careful examination of all the input we receive from our program participants, with an emphasis on equity and inclusion. We acknowledge the importance of our own continuing education in cultural competence and humility.
We also recognize the specialized training in diversity, equity and inclusion presented by other institutions that we are not qualified to offer. We encourage and support involvement in these trainings as a way to enrich and build upon the chaplaincy skills we put forward.
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