– Course Components
Reading Assignments
Writing Assignments
Service Work
– Mentor Interviews
Optional Activities
Contacts, Communication and Slack
– Academic Credit
– Group Agreements
– Payment, Withdrawal and Completion
– Before Our First Class
Karuna – Compassion
Seminar 09/08
Workshop 09/29
Dana – Generosity
Seminar 10/13
Workshop 10/20
Sila – Virtue
Seminar 11/10
Workshop 11/17
Viriya – Energy
Seminar 12/04
Workshop 12/08
Panna – Wisdom
Seminar 01/12
Workshop 01/19
Nekkhama – Renunciation
Seminar 02/02
Workshop 02/09
Khanta – Patience
Seminar 03/08
Workshop 03/15
April (04/12/24)
Sacca – Truth
Seminar 04/09
Workshop 04/12
May (05/10/24)
Aditthana – Resolve
Seminar 05/03
Workshop 05/10
June (06/07/24)
Metta – Lovingkindness
Seminar 05/31
Workshop 06/07
July (07/12/24)
Upekkha – Equanimity
Seminar 06/28
Workshop 07/12
– Action + Reflection = Learning
– General
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Contacts and Communication


In between workshops, the best way to reach out to fellow students and faculty members is through Slack. You can register for Slack by clicking here. If you need any help using the platform, please email Vanessa on vanessa.able@gmail.com

  • Please fill out your profile on Slack, including uploading a photo and writing your email and pronouns
  • We will be using Slack for messaging one another through the year. You will also be submitting your essays through Slack.
  • If you’re not familiar with Slack, check out this page for an intro to the basics.

    Ways to access Slack:  
  • Through your regular browser (ie Chrome, Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc) – AND/OR – 
  • Download an app for your computer – for Windows, click here. For Mac, click here. – AND/OR – 
  • Use Slack on your phone: for iPhone click here; for Android, click here.

Below is a list of the 2023-4 Online Buddhist Chaplaincy Training cohort, including their locations, in case this is useful information for communication through time zones.

Program Participants
Joyce DuncanMassachusetts, USA
Melinda (Mindy) TaylorColorado, USA
Carmen ColemanWashington, USA
Randall (Randy) WeingartenCalifornia, USA
Bernadette PrinsterWashington, USA
Patricia ZawNew Zealand
Nancy WaringMassachusetts, USA
Sumreen ChaudhryPennsylvania, USA
marilyn lemonBritish Columbia, Canada
Kalyana BlissPortugal
Brandie DevallCalifornia, USA
Heidi AhrensQuebec, Canada
Mary SchjeldahlMaui, Hawaii
James (Jim) TeschnerFrance / New York, USA
js fashOntario / British Columbia, Canada
Ben RosenthalIllinois, USA
Stephen HedtWashington, USA
Program Faculty
Jennifer BlockCalifornia, USA
Dawn NealCalifornia, USA
Trent ThornleyCalifornia, USA
Vanessa AbleProvence, France

Jim and Kalyana and Sumreen
Nancy and Mindy
Mary and Brandie
Randy and js
Heidi and marilyn
Joyce and Bernadette
Carmen and Patricia
Ben and Stephen

Small Groups

GROUP 1 – js + marilyn + Brandie + Sumreen + Jim + Stephen
GROUP 2 – Mary + Patricia + Randy + Bernadette + Carmen
GROUP 3 – Heidi + Joyce + Kalyana + Nancy + Mindy + Ben

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