– Course Components
Reading Assignments
Writing Assignments
Service Work
– Mentor Interviews
Optional Activities
Chaplain Consults
Contacts, Communication and Slack
– Academic Credit
– Group Agreements
– Payment, Withdrawal and Completion
– Before Our First Class
September (09/30/22)
Karuna – Compassion
October (10/21/22)
Dana – Generosity
November (11/11/22)
Sila – Virtue
December (12/09/22)
Viriya – Energy
January (01/13/23)
Panna – Wisdom
February (02/03-04/23)
Nekkhama – Renunciation
March (03/10/23)
Khanta – Patience
April (04/07/23)
Sacca – Truth
May (05/05/23)
Aditthana – Resolve
June (06/02/23)
Metta – Lovingkindness
July (07/07/23)
Upekkha – Equanimity
– Action + Reflection = Learning
– General
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Optional Activities

In addition to the workshops, assignments and volunteer work of the program, we offer some extra classes and learning opportunities to participants: a Reading and Writing Workshop and Field Trips.

Writing and Reading Workshop

A Writing and Reading Workshop will be offered by Vanessa Able, a former student of the Sati program and a recent Stanford Healthcare CPE graduate. Vanessa will frame parts of the workshop through her experience as a writer and editor, and sharing insights into the process of writing as a way of supporting chaplaincy learning.

The workshop will include the following:
– Navigating the schedule of the reading and writing assignments
– Approaching the writing assignments
– How do the writing assignments support chaplaincy learning?
– Working with feedback
– The Action-Reflection method
– Writing as practice

To watch the workshop and view the materials, scroll to the bottom of the Writing Assignments page.

Field Trips

An important element of the program is going on self-generated field trips. For example, you might visit a church or temple of a religion you are unfamiliar with, attend an AA meeting if you have never done so, volunteer for a few hours at a homeless shelter or a soup kitchen, tag along with a hospital chaplain as he or she does her rounds.

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