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September (09/30/22)
Karuna – Compassion
October (10/21/22)
Dana – Generosity
November (11/11/22)
Sila – Virtue
December (12/09/22)
Nekkhama – Renunciation
January (01/13/22)
Panna – Wisdom
February (02/03-04/22)
Viriya – Energy
March (03/10/22)
Khanta – Patience
April (04/07/22)
Sacca – Truth
May (05/05/22)
Aditthana – Resolve
June (06/02/22)
Metta – Lovingkindness
July (07/07/22)
Upekkha – Equanimity

Writing Assignments

Students write four types of papers over the course of the year, as described below. Each student is assigned a reader who reads all of his or her writings assignments for the entire year. For a sampling of students’ writings, click here. Assignments are be submitted via Slack. Click on each assignment for more information and guidelines.
Dharma Reflection papers based on dharma stories. (1-2 pages each)
Action Reflection papers based on first hand experiences. (4-6 pages each)
Personal Religious History paper about one’s religious upbringing and its impact. (3-5 pages)
Applied Dharmology paper to articulate the core tenets of one’s spiritual practice and their application in spiritual care. (4-6 pages)

Due Dates for Writing Assignments
By October classDharma Reflection: ‘Tending the Sick’
By November classDharma Reflection: ‘Crying With’
Action Reflection: #1
By December classDharma Reflection: ‘The Woman at the Well’
By January classDharma Reflection: ‘Parable of the Mustard Seed’
Action Reflection: #2
By February classPersonal Religious History
By March classDharma Reflection: ‘Angulimala’
Action Reflection: #3
By April classDharma Reflection: ‘The Woman in Samadhi’
By May classApplied Dharmology
By June classDharma Reflection: ‘The Blind Men and the Elephant’
By July classDharma Reflection: ‘The Old Woman and the Pure Land’
Action Reflection: #4
On Each Paper

• Your name
• Assignment title
• Due Date

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