Part 1 – Introduction

Theme: Introduction to the Buddha’s Teachings

 Read MN 95, 58, 63, 22, 32 and 100.
Optional: MN 68

Please read the Suttas in the order listed here.

Audio Recordings: (Hosted by the Sati Center)

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Study guides and other documents associated with this class from Gil:

MN 95    MN 58    MN 63    MN 22   MN 32    MN 100

Class handouts: 

  Known History    On Preserving    Studying    Resources    Syllabus   The Dharma in Brief

Sutta translations available on-line at AccesstoInsight or made available as PDF document from the translation by Bhikkhu Nanamoli and Bhikkhu Bodhi – used with permission 

(No link means no text available)

MN 95 (Nanamoli) (Thanissaro)MN 58MN 63
MN 22 (Nyaniponika) (Thanissaro)MN 100 (Bhikkhu Bodhi)


Optional audio recordings:

Sutta commentaries from Bhikkhu Bodhi:

MN 95
[1] [2]
A set of two audio talks from Bhikkhu Bodhi on the Cankī Sutta —With Cankī found on the website of the Bodhi Monastery in the Audio Dhamma section. This is part of a series of talks given by Bhikkhu Bodhi on the Majjhima Nikaya. This talk is located the section II.3 “Approaching the Dhamma: Faith, Practice and Attainmdent”
MN 63An audio talk from Bhikkhu Bodhi on the Cūḷamālunkya sutta —The Shorter Discourse to Mālunkyāputta. This talk is located section V.1 “The Path to Liberation: The Purpose of the Spirtual Life”
MN 22
[1] [2] [3] [4] [5]
A series of five (!) audio talks from Bhikkhu Bodhi on the Alaggūpama Sutta — The Simile of the Snake These talks are located the section VII.1 “The Cultivation of Wisdom: Right View”
MN 32An audio talk from Bhikkhu Bodhi on the Mahagosinga Sutta The Greater Discourse in the Gosinga Forest This talk is located the section IX.2 “Life in the Sangha: The Ideal Monk”


Resources for Studying

Study Syllabus

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