Part 4 – Action and its Consequences

Karma/Kamma: Teachings on Action and its Consequences

 Assignment: MN 98, 61, 45, 41, 135, 136, 86, 130.

Optional: 57, 60, 101, 129

Please read the texts in the order given here.

Study guides and other documents associated with this class from Gil:

Introduction: Karma/Kamma   MN 61

Audio Recordings:  (Hosted by the Sati Center)

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4

Class handout:  Karma Quotes

Sutta translations available on-line at Access to Insight, or made available as a PDF document from the translation by Bhikkhu Nanamoli and Bhikkhu Bodhi – used with permission 

(No link means no text available)

MN 98 (Nanamoli/Bodhi)MN 61MN 45
MN 41MN 135 Thanissaro    NanamoliMN 136
MN 86MN 130MN 57
MN 60MN 101MN 129


Optional audio recordings:

Sutta commentaries from Bhikkhu Bodhi

MN 61An audio  on the Ambalaṭṭhikārāhulovāda Sutta — Advice to Rāhula at Ambalaṭṭhikā found on the website of the Bodhi Monastery in the Audio Dhamma section. This is part of a series of talks given by Bhikkhu Bodhi on the Majjhima Nikaya. This talk is located in section III.4 “The Ethical Life: Right Speech and Patience”
MN 41Audio talk on the Sāleyyaka Sutta — The Brahmins of Sālā in section  III.3 “The Ethical Life: The path to higher re-birth”
MN 135Audio talk on the Cūḷakammavibhanga Sutta — The Shorter Exposition of Action in section  III.2 “The Ethical Life: Kamma and its results”
MN 57Audio talk on the Kukkuravatika Sutta in section  III.2 “The Ethical Life: Kamma and its results”
MN 602 audio talks from Bhikkhu Bodhi on the Apaṇṇaka Sutta — The Incontrovertible Teachings in section II.1 – “Approaching the Dhamma: Making wise choices”


General resources from Gil:

Resources for Studying

Study Syllabus


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