Studying the Long Discourses of the Buddha (Dīgha Nikāya) Part 1: Views and Practices

A 4-week online course taught by Gil Fronsdal and Diana Clark

April 16 – May 14, 2018

The Long Discourses of the Buddha (the Dīgha Nikāya) is a collection of discourses filled with colorful stories, compelling characters and important teachings.  In this course on the Dīgha Nikāya we will explore how the Buddha responded to different religious and existential views that were prevalent in ancient India and relevant today, including beliefs about the beginning of the world, what happens after death, and the nature of a “Self.”

Specifically, we will be studying an Introduction to the Digha Nikāya, the Discourse on the Supreme Net (DN 1), the Discourse on the Fruits of the Ascetic Life (DN 2) and the Discourse to Potthapada (DN 9).

The course will include study guides, short videos and the opportunity for online group discussions.

We will be using Maurice Walshe’s translation of the Dīgha Nikāya (Wisdom Publications, 1995, ISBN: 0861711033) as the course textbook.

Join us as we investigate and discuss the Buddha’s response to existential views and the specific training he espoused as part of his response in the context of engaging stories.

This course will be offered freely.  More information and registration will be available in January 2018.

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