CRAFT-ing our Path: Confidence, Refuge, Aspiration, Faith, and Trust


Jan 30, Feb 1st, 3rd (Tues-Thurs-Sat) 8:30-10:00am Pacific

Teachers: Ying Chen, David Lorey, Diana Clark, Kim Allen

A new year can be a natural time to reconnect with our practice and factors that support practice. There are many dimensions that add vibrancy and depth to our path. In this course, we will explore the multi-dimensional qualities of mind and heart that are captured by words like confidence, refuge, aspiration, faith, and trust. Furthermore, these qualities shift along the course of our path, such that it is valuable to re-examine, reconnect, and renew them from time to time as the path is “craft”-ed.

The class will include teachings, meditation, small-group discussion, and Q&A.

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