“So they said to the Buddha …” with Ajahn Sujato

The Buddha’s teachings come alive in conversation. His teachings were created in the moment, in his encounters with the diverse people and ideas of his time. Summaries of his teachings focus on *what* he said, but for this course we will focus on *how* he said it. Engaging in a meaningful conversation is not just being able to state correct facts, but to listen with empathy for people’s needs and values. This four week course selects memorable moments from the early Buddhist texts and reflects on them as encounters in a personal and social context.

About the Instructor:
Bhante Sujato is a senior teaching monk in Australia and the region. He is currently focussing on leading the team for SuttaCentral, a website for early Buddhist texts, translations, and parallels. He is also passionate about climate work and other contemporary issues. Many of his works can be found online at https://lokanta.github.io.

Dāna Program
This dana program is freely offered in the spirit of generosity. Any donation you can offer to the teacher and to the Sati Center to continue making these teachings available is greatly appreciated.
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