The Way to the Far Shore Pārāyanavagga: Sutta Nipāta Book Five with Leigh Brasington


Register This program will take an in-depth look at the 16 suttas found in Sutta Nipāta Book V. Many scholars believe these discourses were composed early in the development of Buddhism, prior to the inevitable institutionalization of the tradition. These suttas are presented as conversations in which the Buddha addresses questions posed by learned brahmins, […]

Chaplaincy Speaker Series: Healthy Compassion in Crises and Disasters with Nathan Jishin Michon


Register Nathan Jishin Michon (he//they) is a postdoctoral JSPS research fellow at Ryukoku University in Kyoto, Japan focused on Buddhist chaplaincy.  They especially focus on the development of Buddhist chaplaincy training programs around Japan. Jishin previously worked in hospice and disaster care. They previously trained in Zen and Thai Forest Tradition for a number of […]

A Story of the First Buddhist Women


Register  After the Buddha achieved awakening, he welcomed men to join him in his practice. One day, the Buddha's stepmother, Mahapajapati Gotami, approached the Buddha and asked if she too - along with the women who stood behind her - might join him in the monastic life. The story becomes a bit more complicated from […]

On the vital importance of one’s mind’s training being G R A D U A L : A Buddha’s teaching that is not being talked about often enough!

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with Bhikkhu Sambodhi In Person at Insight Meditation Center and Online via Zoom   Register Bhikkhu Sambodhi was born in the mid-sixties in what was then known as Czechoslovakia and what is now the Czech Republic, one the most irreligious countries in the world. Raised as an atheist with an initial strong bend toward “hard” […]

Introduction to Buddhist Chaplaincy with Jennifer Block and Vanessa Able


Register  Chaplains provide spiritual care and support to people in places such as hospitals, hospices, prisons and a wide variety of other settings. The work is wonderfully challenging and satisfying. In recent years, dharma practitioners have been experiencing chaplaincy as a powerful opportunity to practice engaged Buddhism, and for some, as a vocation and profession. […]

Buddhist Chaplaincy: Practicing What We Preach with Grace Schireson


There is sometimes a gap between traditional Buddhist training and truly understanding how to help people. Additionally, after many years of Zen training, students may lack the skills and credentials required for a meaningful and sustainable livelihood. The Shogaku Zen Institute was set up to fill that gap for Zen students and priests in the […]

To Be More Free, Reflect on Your Finitude (Maranasati) with Nikki Mirghafori


We tend to feel happier and more free when we turn our minds towards gratitude, generosity, and goodwill, and away from entitlement, greed, and hatred. But how can we go about reorienting ourselves? Perhaps surprisingly, one classical Buddhist training to cultivate these beneficial qualities of mind is to reflect on our death. This is not […]

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