Introduction to Loving Kindess (Metta) with Dawn Neal

Five Week Course

SCHEDULE: Saturdays, March 11 – April 8, 2023 at 9:30 -11am
LOCATION: Online via Zoom
SLIDING SCALE: $50 – $75 (scholarships available)



Love, kindness, and goodwill are vital to human life and flourishing. These important qualities can be intentionally developed, transforming our minds, hearts, and lives. Cultivating lovingkindness, goodwill, is one of the central practices in Theravāda Buddhism. Its benefits to our physical, emotional, and relational well-being are supported by recent scientific studies. Lovingkindness helps mindfulness, confidence, and concentration to grow. Regular practiced, it heals anger and self-criticism, while cultivating an open heart.

This five-part course offers basic introduction in the meditation practice of lovingkindness (Mettā). We will explore Mettā practice through short talks, group discussions, guided meditations, and introducing micro skills. Every class builds on the week before and explore a new facet of lovingkindness practice. Engaging in these practices between classes helps you begin to reap the benefits of lovingkindness.

Bring your creativity and a playful, open mind!


$75 Base Level
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$50 Supported Level
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The base level tuition is intended to support the course instructor and pay expenses that make courses such as this at the Sati Center possible. However, money should not be a barrier to receive these teachings. If the tuition levels are not within your budget and you feel that you would benefit from the course, please contact us.

An Invitation from Dawn



  • Week 1: Laying the foundation for lovingkindness. Benefits and elements of Mettā; cultivating appreciation. Start where it’s easy.
  • Week 2: Lovingkindness and goodwill are powerful cultivations. Kindness + Mindfulness = Kindfulness. Kindness towards someone easy and ourselves.
  • Week 3:  “Just like me,” lovingkindness towards ourselves cultivates positive self-regard and empathy. How kindness towards others increases joy.
  • Week 4: Kindness includes compassion. Cultivating loving awareness of internal difficulty and/or those we find it difficult transforms our minds.
  • Week 5: Learning to embody and radiate kindness throughout our lives, for all in our experience.

About Dawn

Dawn Neal initially received Integral Coaching certification and opened her coaching practice in 2010, shortly after being authorized to teach lovingkindness practice by Sayadaw U Indaka in Burma. Since then, she has supported a wide variety of people to use the practices of lovingkindness and mindfulness meditation to lessen anxiety and pain, while increasing well-being, purpose, and joy. Dawn has an MA in Pastoral Counseling (otherwise known as spiritual care counseling or chaplaincy), and Buddhist Studies, as well as hands-on clinical pastoral training at Stanford Healthcare and Sequoia Hospital.  In addition to coaching and meditation teaching, she now serves as a staff relief chaplain for Stanford Healthcare. She has devoted over two years to silent retreat since 2005, and her intensive practice in Asia includes temporarily ordaining in Burma. Guided Meditations and Dharma talks by Dawn are available on Audio Dharma. Her full teaching schedule is available at


  • “This class was amazing. Thank you to the teacher for her great energy, instruction, & wisdom. I’ve noticed an increase in positive affect, mental & emotional clarity, and patience. My self-criticism and anxious feelings have decreased. All of this has lowered my stress and anxiety, and helped me have a clearer understanding in daily life.”
  • “… The material was taught with much care and thought. Dawn had such a gentle, caring manner in which she taught and this made me very comfortable in class. I learned that my fear can be addressed – I have less anxiety, and more peace. My heart has opened up more too, particularly while practicing in class.. “
  • “Everything about this course was very helpful. Loving-kindness enhances my sense of social harmony. My patience has improved, and I have become more thoughtful towards others.”
  • “Excellent class. I’m feeling more kindness to strangers, more calmness, and self reflection.”
  • “This class is amazing! I’m feeling more calm during difficult moments with my very young children. Also, forgiveness of some difficult people in my life, and more appreciation of my spouse.”
  • Thank you! I am very glad I spent my time in this class and in meditation. I have gained much, including self compassion, and am beginning to see my relationship with others reflect these changes too.”
  • “I attended all the classes and benefited a lot! Pacing was good, alternating between “lecture,” meditations, and discussion. I’m more aware now of kindness around me, and feel more patient and kind towards others. There’s also less sadness and depression.”
  • “The course was incredible. To me it was a very balanced mix of meditation and information. I’m profoundly grateful. I’ve noticed so many benefits. One of them is that as a result of this course, I realize that I have a wealth of kindness to offer to other beings. And that the benefits are mutual (to me and to others).”
  • “Great content, and informative. I now notice times when I’m caught in negative feelings about someone or something. It has taught me to be less judgmental, and that I can cultivate serenity or happiness.”
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