– Course Components
Writing Assignments
Reading Assignments
Service Work
– Mentor Interviews
Optional Activities
Contacts, Communication and Slack
– Academic Credit
– Group Agreements
– Payment, Withdrawal and Completion
– Before Our First Class
Karuna – Compassion
Workshop 09/22
Dana – Generosity
Workshop 10/13
Sila – Virtue
Workshop 11/10
Viriya – Energy
Workshop 12/01
Panna – Wisdom
Workshop 01/12
Nekkhama – Renunciation
Workshop 02&03/02
Khanta – Patience
Workshop 03/08
April (04/12/24)
Sacca – Truth
Workshop 04/12
May (05/10/24)
Aditthana – Resolve
Workshop 05/03
June (06/07/24)
Metta – Lovingkindness
Workshop 05/31
July (07/12/24)
Upekkha – Equanimity
Workshop 06/28
– Action + Reflection = Learning
– General
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Academic Credit

The Sati Center for Buddhist Studies has an affiliation program with the Institute of Buddhist Studies (IBS), a Buddhist seminary and graduate school in Berkeley, CA. IBS offers a Master of Divinity degree, a Master of Arts in Buddhist Studies, and a Certificate in Buddhist Chaplaincy. More information is available at www.shin-ibs.edu.

In-person students enrolled in the Sati Center Buddhist Chaplaincy Training Program (BCT) can receive 3 units of academic credit from IBS as a Special Student. If the student chooses to enroll at IBS in the future, these credits may be applied towards a graduate degree. Details are below.

Full attendance for the 11 months is required. A pass/fail grade is given upon completion. Academic credit students must participate in all 11 months of the BCT course, not a single semester. No partial credit is awarded.


A. Current IBS students must:
– Contact the IBS Field Education Director, Dr. Lilu Chen at lchen@shin-ibs.edu
– Apply directly to Sati Center for acceptance into the BCT. The faculty will review IBS student applications as for any other applicant. Thus, being an IBS student does not guarantee admission to the BCT.
– Pay the BCT application and tuition fees directly to the Sati Center.
– Follow IBS procedures for registration and pay any relevant tuition or processing fees to IBS. See the IBS academic catalog and contact the Field Education Director for more information.

B. BCT students not currently enrolled at IBS must:
– Apply to IBS as a Special Student by the spring application deadline (late December). Being a Sati Center BCT student does not guarantee admission to IBS.
– Pay the processing fee to IBS for the awarding of academic credit. See the IBS website (www.shin-ibs.edu) for more information.
– Contact the IBS Field Education Director, Dr. Lilu Chen at lchen@shin-ibs.edu.

C. Degree Program students from any other graduate level school/education institution should contact their institution.*

* The Sati Center is very interested in creating and strengthening ties with schools, educational institutions, and local organizations. Inquiries are welcome.

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